Not Paying Your Taxes or Student Loans Can Interfere with Your Work

According to an expert during an annual meeting for the American College of Health Care Administrators, hiring nurses who do not pay their taxes or student loans can bring penalties to skilled nursing facilities as it can bring charges from federal fraud investigators.

Some states impose stricter penalties such as Missouri, where the license of tax evading nurses are prevented from medical practice. Should these nurses be allowed to go to nursing homes and take care of Medicare residents, the effect could bring charges of fraudulent claims. Such is very possible according to Kendall Brune, a healthcare consultant and strategist.

Brune said that the same effect could also happen by reason of defaulting student loans. This is why, according to Brune, educating your employees is vital.

Brune attests that while it is possible that skilled nursing facilities can do a background check regarding the state of the nurse licenses of the staff, only the nurses themselves have enough information or notice should their licenses be in danger.

For these kinds of cases, it is perfectly understandable and normal why nurses would refrain from sharing such embarrassing information, but it is also important that the workplace consistently educates the essence of informing them about these concerns so that these facilities can, should the need arise, respond to the pressing issues incidental to the problem.

For instance the facility can arrange a discussion with the nurse who has a defaulting student loan or overdue taxes and create a payment strategy so that the overdue taxes or defaulted student loans are paid even at a slow pace. In that same way of facilitating an environment that can will help them open up with regard to these kinds of problems, we allow an avenue of discussion for other nurses who may experience the same dilemma.

Upon gathering such negative information regarding the nurses’ unpaid taxes, the Office of the Inspector General made an effort to curb this by discussing the issue to skilled nursing facilities.

The report indicated that the increasing cases of nurses with these records resulted in one in five nursing home residents to experience an adverse event each year. John Sheridan, the CEO of eHealth Data Solutions negated said reports, and claimed that the alleged reports are fabricated. He manifested that the reports can be used to cause harm to the facilities as itstresses a skilled nursing facilities’ purported deficiencies.

In the end, however, Sheridan claimed that the administrators of the facilities must use the reports made by the Office of the Inspector General as means to create preventive measures for the betterment of the said facilities. For instance, issues raised in the report, such as the quality of food and other things, must be used as a source of information so as to further improve.



August 23, 2014

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August 23, 2014

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August 23, 2014

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Refinancing: A Way to Relieve your Payment of Student Loan Debt

August 23, 2014

When you think about it, you get to enjoy more of your hard earned cash if you choose to settle your student loan debt through refinancing. It is a sure fire way to lessen your monthly debts, but only a handful of financial institutions offer this kind of service.


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